Don’t get us wrong, Vampire Diaries fans. We love this show. But it’s kind of fun to question the complex laws that govern this wacky supernatural world, because they don’t always add up. Here are some logic fails from Season 4 that still have us scratching our heads. 

Blood-sharing is kinda sexual
The Original dad must’ve been freaky! Mikael only fed off other vampires, sparing humans. We thought it was a morality thing, but then Stefan (Paul Wesley) revealed to Elena (Nina Dobrev) how personal it is and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) got all eye-roll-y when she sucked on his palm. Oh well. Guess Papa OV was just a dirty dog.

Klaus’s daggering problem
So, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) spent a lot of time and energy unlocking his hybrid potential in Season 2. Before then his werewolf powers were dormant, right? Yet in the flashback to 11th century Italy, the hybrid was the only Original to “survive” the daggering by Alexander because they don’t affect him in the same way. Basically, we have to believe that some of his hybrid/werewolf traits superseded the curse Esther placed on him.

The subtleties of the sire bond
Yep, we’re still confused. Elena is sired to Damon, but what are the mechanics of that bond? Just how strong is his power of persuasion? For example, him saying he preferred April’s (Grace Phipps) red dress to the blue was enough to make Elena change her sartorial opinion. But Damon scoffing at Stefan’s lantern-lighting ceremony didn’t dissuade the new vamp from earnestly participating and saying goodbye to her lost loved ones. Likewise, it’s Damon’s proclamation that Elena will “be miserable” drinking animal blood that is the cause of her vomiting. Yet when he gives her near commands (“Now, just go, just like we practiced. That’s all you have to do.”) to feed on a co-ed, it doesn’t work? Like we said. We’re confused.