Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. Photo: Stefan and Damon in Episode 2.5, "Kill or Be Killed"
Damon Salvatore is the snark king of Mystic Falls. Sure, he mumbles and has a tendency to smirk. But oh — the things that come out of his mouth! What witticisms did prime time’s finest bloodsucker drop this week? Here are Damon’s best zingers from Episode 2.5, “Kill or Be Killed.”

5. Nothing small about this talk

Hello, Mason. Working hard?
Mason: Doing my part.
Damon: I heard you were talking to Stefan.
Mason: Nice guy.
Damon: A lot nicer than me.
Mason: Nice is overrated.
Damon: That’s what I think.

4. The hunter and his prey

Damon (to Mason): Don’t look so surprised. You knew this was inevitable. Go ahead: Run. We’ll give you a head start.

3. Drink up!

(to a weakened Stefan): You need to drink some deputy blood.

2. Just calling them like he sees them

Damon (to Sheriff Forbes): This is the most unfortunate situation. Two deputies dead. And you. What are we going to do with you?

1. A tiger changes his stripes

Damon: Relax, guys. No one’s killing anybody.