Credit: Twitter Photo: Torrey DeVitto and Paul Wesley Hang at Monk's on April 12, 2012

We are ga-ga over this. “Trivia- who are we, and where are we?? Take a wild guess!” Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars star Torrey DeVitto tweeted when she sent out a picture of herself and husband Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) at a nondescript diner. But wait, we recognize the name of that coffee shop. Who knew Paul and Torrey were Seinfeld fans?

That’s Monk’s Café they’re seated in, with Torrey doing her best Jerry and Paul, as Elaine, ignoring a Big Salad. Let’s just hope the waitress doesn’t inadvertently give them the finger and they don’t accuse their cashier of stealing their $20 bill. Of course, since neither of them is George, they’re probably safe. Okay, we’re done with the Seinfeld references now.

Source: Twitter

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