Credit: Bob Mahoney / The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Vanessa and Alaric in Episode 2.3, "Bad Moon Rising"
Courtney Ford, the pretty actress who recently played grad student Vanessa Monroe in The Vampire Diaries, has now been cast in the fourth season of True Blood. She will play Portia Bellefleur, the sister of local cop Andy. Wow — she must really like her vampires!

Portia is described as "a classic Southern beauty who runs her own law practice." For those of you who have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which True Blood is based, you know this is going to be an important role for the show!

We will probably see a lot more of Courtney in True Blood than we did in The Vampire Diaries. Like, literally see more. Apparently she will shed her clothes for the part! Hey, this is HBO, after all.