The ever-enjoyable Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) spoke with Glamour about some of her current obsessions. And when they asked her about books, she didn’t even say Fifty Shades of Gray! We knew we liked her. (For the record, she’s obsessed with Tom Robbins’s Still Life With Woodpecker.)

When asked about her first celeb crush, Candice answered, “JTT, but don't tell Devon Sawa. I actually don't know Devon Sawa. We just tweet each other, and I've felt guilty keeping this from him the whole time.” As long as Devon is your current celeb crush, we’re sure he’ll be fine.

Candice also has a startling amount of French Kiss quotes memorized. (If you haven’t seen that gem, which stars Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline, get thee to Netflix.) And, if you’re over 21, stock up on some infused tequila, which is Candice’s favorite adult beverage.

Now, if we can just find our Teen Beat with JTT Devon Sawa on the cover, we’ll be all set.

Source: Glamour

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Credit: Hulu Photo: Watch Candice Accola’s New Web Series, Dating Rules From My Future Self