If you haven’t already snapped up your copies of Daniel Gillies’s (Elijah) movies Broken Kingdom and Kingdom Come there’s good news. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both films are coming to Showtime. 


Daniel stars in Broken Kingdom with wife Rachael Leigh Cook, and he directed it as well. The movie debuts on Showtime May 15 at 8:30 pm. The moving story follows Daniel’s character and his friendship with a 14-year-old Colombian prostitute. It’s interwoven with Rachael’s character, an LA teacher dealing with a personal trauma.


Creating the movie took so much time, effort, and money that there’s an entire documentary about its making. Kingdom Come airs at 7 pm before Broken Kingdom on May 15.


In a recent interview with The New Zealand Herald, Daniel talked about what a labor of love Broken Kingdom turned out to be. It took three years and $100,000 worth of debt to make. "I'm grateful we didn't have kids early because that's the luxury you have when you don't have children — being able to do extraordinarily risky business ventures. I'm not sure I would have taken that risk as a father,” the actor said.


Be sure to check out Daniel’s babies on Showtime starting May 15!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter