Hey... The Vampire Diaries fandom? We love you, but death threats are never cool. According to what Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) tweeted last night after The Originals pilot, some overzealous followers took to Twitter to express their displeasure over a certain plot twist.

In an interview with Zap2It, Phoebe admitted that after her character Hayley and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) hooked up several episodes ago, she felt “bullied” by Twitter and Tumblr users. “I read all that stuff, and it got really, really nasty,” she says.

At first, she thought fans had calmed down and were more accepting of The Originals plotline, which revealed that Hayley is carrying Klaus’s child. But a few hours after the interview, she tweeted at the article’s author, “I take it back @cadlymack the death threats are still coming.”

We scrolled through a lot of her mentions, and the overwhelming majority expressed their love and admiration for Phoebe (and told her how gorgeous she is, which, duh). Some admitted they “hate” Hayley and feel she “destroyed” any chance of Klaus and Caroline’s (Candice Accola) happiness.

We’re chalking these death threats up to a lone few, but hopefully Phoebe is taking all the other, much more positive tweets to heart instead.

Source: Twitter, Zap2It