It looks like Vampire Diaries guest star Grace Phipps (she plays she-who-cannot-be-compelled April Young) is making the transition from Rebekah’s bestie to… daycare manager? Well, at least for a couple of episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grace recently landed a two-episode arc on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy with potential for more episodes. Baby Daddy focuses on a young man whose life is changed when his ex leaves her baby on his doorstep. Talk about being thrust into fatherhood! But it isn’t until he takes that baby to daycare that we’ll meet Grace’s character, Megan. She doesn’t think she’s interested in him… at first. 

Grace will appear in the ABC Family comedy’s second season. Comedy? That’s definitely a far cry from April’s frownie-filled life in Mystic Falls.

Most importantly, what could this mean for April’s story arc in TVD Season 4? Will she die in the back half?! Sound off in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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