Credit: The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Stefan Salvatore Looking Un-Vampirish

Dressing up as a vampire for Halloween has probably been going on for as long as vampires have... err, existed. Still, our fascination with the bloodsuckers never seems to die, and so we continue to don fake fangs each year. We’ve all seen the red-accented capes and widow-peaked hairlines of the Dracula variety, and even the pouty lips and smoldering eyes of the Twilight variety.

But as Halloween draws nearer, we find ourselves wanting to go for another reiteration of the vampire look — that is, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) of Vampire Diaries. Since the younger Salvatore brother likes to affect a normal teen existence (with perfectly coiffed hair), a Stefan costume consists of all the boyish separates we were hoping to pick up anyway. Here’s to a double-tasking Halloween shopping spree — no need to worry about bloodlust or buyer’s remorse. (Psst, also check out our Damon costume.)

Go the good vampire route like Stefan:

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