Sorry, we saw Ian Somerhalder’s (Damon) name in the same sentence as Fifty Shades of Grey and just blacked out for a sex sec. We’re better now. Nope, blacked out again.

Okay, third time's the charm! Ian opened up to Mr. Porter online about the buzz surrounding his name and a certain S&M-loving book character, and you will absolutely want to hear this.

“Oh man, there's nothing official," Ian said. "It's just talk."

Still, that “talk” is what keeps us Google imaging his name. Like, right now. Or in the middle of the night. Or whenever. And while there may be nothing set in stone, Ian admits that he is prepared for the possibility.

"Yeah, there's a website you can go to where you can just outfit your basement as a dungeon," he said. "So, you know, I thought I'd get prepared, just in case."

Our real question is, when can we officially start counting down to this movie premiere (with Ian as Grey!)?

Source: Mr. Porter online

Update: Screenwriter Kelly Marcel recently gave a casting update to The Sunday Times, saying that while rumors are swirling about who may play the role, it's all just talk. “Ha-ha! No actor would sign up to a film without a script. That would be insane,” she explains.