Credit: Renee Scott Photo: Ian Somerhalder Hits the Beach on April 21, 2012

Add Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program to Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder’s (Damon Salvatore) many accomplishments. This year, he’ll join Gisele Bündchen and Don Cheadle — who both share the Goodwill Ambassador title — as a host of World Environment Day.

On June 5, the challenge is to get people to participate in an environmental activity — and hopefully break the record for highest number of activities registered. If you enter by June 30, you could win a fuel-efficient KIA Rio, not to mention make a positive impact on the world. Brazil is hosting the challenge this year, and WED is celebrating its 40-year anniversary.   

The WED’s site offers some suggestions for how you can involved: “Organize a neighborhood clean-up, stop using plastic bags and get your community to do the same, plant a tree or better yet organize a collective tree planting effort, walk to work, start a recycling drive… the possibilities are endless.”

“When you do your part for the environment, everyone wins,” Ian says in a video promoting the event. Last year, more of Gisele’s fans signed up for events than Don’s, but considering the amount of Twitter followers Ian has, we’d say he’s going to give them a run for their money. If you want to register your event, click over to WED’s website.

Make Ian proud, TVD family!

Source: United Nations Environment Program

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder Gets Involved in the WED Challenge 2012 (VIDEO)