Great news! We’ve been wondering when we’d finally get to see Joseph Morgan’s movie Warhouse, and Variety reports it will be released in theaters soon.


The movie, which stars The Vampire Diaries actor and Matt Ryan, is part of “XLRator’s US distribution slate,” according to Variety. They’ll release the film later this year.

Directed by Luke Massey, Joseph plays AJ Budd, a Royal Marine locked in a strange house. Each day, a nightmarish scenario repeats as he fights for his life against not-quite-human opponents.

Budd finds the journals of a World War I lieutenant, Edward Sterling (Ryan), who suffered the same fate. Though the man’s words comfort Budd, he’s desperate to know what became of the author.

Joseph is thrilled that fans will soon be able to see the movie. He’s been tweeting up a storm since the news came out.

While there’s no official release date yet, you can check out the trailer — which came out in October 2011 — below. Joseph tweeted that he considers it some of his best work.

Joseph’s co-star Daniel Gillies (Elijah) also had some great news about two of his own movies. Banner day for The Originals! Congratulations!  

Source: Variety


Credit: You Tube Photo: Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Terrifies in the Trailer for ‘Warhouse’