The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham just released the hot music video for her song “Wanna Say,” and this multi-talented lady let Seventeen magazine in on some of her behind-the-scenes inspiration.

"The idea for the fashion in the video was centered around two different eras, a 1950s classic fosse look and a modern/'90s look,” she said. The classic cabaret chairs were Kat’s own suggestion, to ramp up the burlesque feeling of the Fosse sections. Mission accomplished, Kat!

But this video wasn’t just about the looks; Kat had a deeper message in mind. “The idea behind the video was to make people remember the days or early Hollywood when everyone sang, danced, and acted,” she said. “I feel like nowadays, people try and challenge your love and have a mentality that is so short-visioned."

You tell ‘em, Kat! You know what they say, you can’t keep a good witch down.

Source: Seventeen magazine

Credit: E! Online Photo: Watch Kat Graham's "Wanna Say" Video