Credit: IMDB Photo: Nathaniel Buzolic in a Promo Shot

Just when you thought the Original family couldn’t get any more gorgeous, two new brothers pop up. Nathaniel Buzolic was added to The Vampire Diaries cast as Kol, the mischievous but deadly youngest brother. Gabrielle Pickle interviewed Buzolic for his Facebook fan page, and he spilled all the juicy details about himself.

Before acting, Buzolic spent all his time playing basketball. While recuperating from an injury, he began acting at the age of 9. His mother, who raised him by herself in Sydney, Australia, took him to auditions. His hobbies include photography and goofing around with Joseph Morgan (Klaus). “He’s my mate!” Morgan tells Pickle. The two became fast friends on the set.
Buzolic shared his personal motto with Pickle: “Life is a gift, a gift that ultimately must be returned to our sender. I live by faith and believe in seeking the good so that my soul may shine and ripple through this world every day.” How very un-Original.

Source: Nathaniel Buzolic’s Facebook

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