Oh, Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman). He’s a handful! When CW14 spoke to The Vampire Diaries actor, he ruminated on his character’s bipolar state and why he was excited for Alaric to go evil.

“I have more fun when he is evil, because when he’s not evil, I find him to be sort of boring, you know, and stuck in a conflict that seems rather hollow to me,” Davis said. Um, we beg to differ, we love Alaric whether he’s drunk, sober, or eating Chunky Monkey. Davis added, “When he can finally let go and plugs into being bad and crazy and whatnot, that’s when he really is more himself and is more fun to play.”

We’ve heard similar things from Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), who adores playing The Ripper — though he hasn’t called Stefan boring. It’s certainly interesting that Matt thinks his character is “more himself” while unhinged and hunting vampires. We’re not sure we agree with him, but we admit he knows Alaric better than we do…

Source: CW14 

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Interview with Matthew Davis of The Vampire Diaries: cw14online.com

Credit: CW14 Photo: Vampire Diaries' Matt Davis on the Differences Between Good Alaric and Evil Alaric (VIDEO)