Credit: Courtesy of The CW Photo: Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

What do you get for the newbie vampiress who has everything?

According to Nina Dobrev (Elena) and Gather, all she wants this holiday season is to hit the 3 million Twitter follower mark.

“3 is my moms (@paintaworld) favorite number!” Nina posted. “I've got 2.8M followers, Help me get to the 3 million mark!! ;) “

Since that tweet went out, she’s gotten closer to 2.9 million followers, just 100,000 shy of her goal. It also catapults her a few thousand leaps ahead of real life beau, Ian Somerhalder (Damon), who clocks in close to 2.8 million followers.

The real question now, Vampire Diaries fangers, is—and sing this like the Klondike commercials—what would you do for a hungry blood sucker?

How about you add Nina on Twitter and spread the good word? We’re sure Nina will thank you soon enough!

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