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Whether or not you’re Team Stelena, you have to admit Vampire DiariesPaul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) is a charming guy. And we don’t know what it is about him, but he’s always having near-death experiences! He’s nearly gotten struck by lightning a couple times, and he recently told People magazine about a scary road trip. More lives than a cat, that one. 

“My buddy and I drove up to Mammoth after a huge storm,” Paul explained. “I put new rims and tires on, but we found out they were summer times as we were going up. The car was sliding down the hill, and we were screaming at the top of our lungs.”

While Paul might defy death, he still gets injured. His most recent boo-boo was all Nina Dobrev’s (Elena Gilbert) fault — or it was just Paul’s clumsiness. “Being the not-suave guy that I am, my thumb got bent back in a romantic scene where I slowly lowered Nina [Dobrev] onto a bed. I was out of comission for a week,” said Paul. 

Between that and Nina’s head trauma, the TVD set is nearly as dangerous as Mystic Falls!

Source: People magazine

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