Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

A recent spoiler from TVLine said Elena (Nina Dobrev) will be haunted “from beyond the grave” in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 6, “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.” We assume this apparition is an after-effect of the vampire hunter slaying she did last episode, but who is this specter haunting Elena, and does it have anything to do with the fact that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) appears in the preview?

First of all, to our knowledge, Kat is alive and well, probably keeping a relatively low (yet fabulous) profile in one of the world’s great cities. But she and her lovely locks could be a figment of Elena’s fevered imagination. If we had a slightly mad doppelganger running around, we’d get spooked every time we looked in the mirror. 

So we have no idea if Katherine is truly back — executive producer Julie Plec always said she’d keep as many miles between herself and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as possible. Whether it’s real or not, the showdown will be a lot of fun to watch.

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