If witches are supposedly the most powerful creatures in the Vampire Diaries world, then why are they so few and far between? They can take down almost any supernatural being with a single look or a wave of their hand and yet Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) life has been at risk more times than we can count. Of all the witches we’ve seen come on this show, very few of them have left with their hearts still beating.

For having so many spells, witches aren’t very good at protecting themselves. They’re killed by using too much magic, their necks are snapped, or they’re turned into vampires. And just when we found Gloria — the baddest witch around, who was powerful enough to slow down the aging process — Katherine (Nina Dobrev) made killing her look easy... which it was.

And now, with Professor Shane (David Alpay) teaching Bonnie all about Expression, could the youngest Bennett be nearing the end? Fighting Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in Season 2 nearly killed her, but will fighting some “greater evil” actually be the thing to do it? Are there more nose bleeds in our future?

This time around, one thing is certain: The witch spirits are not on her side.


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