Well, the Salvatores aren’t exactly on the best of terms in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 8, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street.” That makes us sad. But flashbacks and a road trip to New Orleans make us happy! Follow us through our conflicting emotions with our second-by-second analysis of the promo video. 

0:02 Someone has a messy home office
What are those? Excerpts from Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) journal?

0:03 Not the kind of flashback we were expecting
In case you forgot: Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had sex. Here are a few highlights.

0:04 J’accuse!
Stefan implies that Damon knew Elena was sired to him. Vampire diss.

0:05 Half-shrug
Why are we constantly having to guess about Damon’s micro-facial expressions?

0:09 “Is it impossible to think that she could have feelings for me?”
Damon reminds Stefan that he’s kind of a catch. Also, Mardi Gras?  

0:11 Stefan is Team Stelena
Whoever drove is totally going to leave the other Salvatore stranded in New Orleans, isn’t he?

0:15 A Salvatore in uniform
Let’s just hope they aren’t going to war with each other.

0:18 Lexi!
Aw, we’ve missed Stefan’s bestie.

0:19 Even back then, Lexi didn’t like Damon.
And this was before he killed her.

0:23 Damon? Balanced and restrained?
Not the first words we’d use to describe him, either...

Credit: YouTube Photo: Vampire Diaries Extended Promo Video For Season 4, Episode 8: "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" — "Stefan's Better Off Alone Than With You"

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