Warning! Mega spoilers for Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 4, “The Five” ahead!

Well, we weren’t expecting that! Invisible treasure maps? Sure. A sword that’s really a key to said map? We’re all over it. But a cure for vampirism? That was definitely a surprise. 

It turns out the secret of the Brotherhood of the Five is their witchy tattoos, which form a map to the cure’s whereabouts. The truth was revealed through a combination of stories from Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) and Rebekah(Claire Holt). 

But is this cure the real deal? We’ve been fooled before with the sun and moon curse, which turned out to be a fraud. Maybe this cure is actually something deadly, something besides the white ash dagger that can take out an Original? 

Then again, back in Season 3, Mama Original did have a plan to turn all her offspring human. Perhaps she was in part of creating The Five? You know how much she hates her vampire offspring. 

Do you think there really is a cure, or are we being led astray? 

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