Listen, if Connor (Todd Williams) desperately courting Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) as a vampire hunter won’t cause conflict in Mystic Falls then we don’t know what will!

As we saw in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 3, “The Rager”, Jeremy is more than just a pretty face who sees dead people. He’s also a pretty face who sees invisible tattoos. Meaning that he’s a potential hunter. Meaning that his sister, Elena (Nina Dobrev), and those hunky Salvatore brothers, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley), might be in trouble.

The real question is, though, will Jeremy continue to play along with Connor to protect his undead family? Or will he realize that his calling to track and kill is something he’s compelled to follow?

Our gut says that Jeremy will always choose family over stakes, but we also know that there are some things — like dark blood lust urges — you can only try and outrun for so long.

But what do you think of this recent hunter bond: Is this going to be a passing distraction or will Jeremy team up with Connor? Tell us below!

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