Needless to say, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) has been going through a lot of... changes on The Vampire Diaries.

Not only because big sis Elena (Nina Dobrev) died and came back as a newbie vampire, but because he made a new friend. And by “friend,” we of course mean a vampire hunter who is not at all his friend and was rightly killed by Elena.

Now that Connor (Todd Williams), and his broken neck, are buried, we kind of thought all that hunter talk was over. That is, until we saw Jeremy’s shiny new tattoo. You know, the invisible kind that all hunters have?

If he’s been given that marking, what else is going to change?

Well, if the spoiler photos have any relation, being a hunter means you have superhuman strength. After all, kegs are heavy! Not that we have any experience with those...

And if he’s being given powers he’s never had before, that could mean he’ll have thoughts he’s never had before. Like, the urge to track and slay the vamps of Mystic Falls.

We used to think Jeremy was pretty immune to this slayer stuff, but now we’re not so sure. What do you think: Does Jeremy’s new ink make him destined to kill?