We caught our first glimpse of the Vampire Diaries new/old hunter from the 12th century a few weeks ago. Alexander (Paul Telfer) is clearly a badass. But he also looked familiar. 

It took us a while to place it, but we’re pretty convinced Alexander is actually He-Man. Let’s examine the similarities:

He-Man is the alter ego of Prince Adam. An extremely quick, strong warrior, He-Man defends Eternia against Skeletor, a demon who wants the power of Grayskull all to himself. Also, he rides tiger named Battle Cat. In his guise as He-Man, he sports flowing blond locks, a serious sword, and a bare chest.

Alexander is, presumably, a member of The Five, a mysterious group of unusually fast and powerful vampire hunters. Though we have no idea what kind of conveyance Alexander uses, he’s also a fan of long hair, emblemed swords, and showing off his chest muscles. 

Hey, we’re pretty convinced. And who knows? Maybe Rebekah (Claire Holt) is She-Ra?

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