Look away, spoilerphobes!

We’ve seen characters transition on The Vampire Diaries before, and it hasn’t always gone well. We’re looking at you, Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell). But in Season 4, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) tells VH1 that viewers will be “as close as anyone has to seeing what it’s like to become a vampire.”

That means being all up on Elena’s bloody business. But the new vampire will be dealing with a lot of emotions, especially loss. “For one, you can’t have kids. You will never be able to experience something for the first and last time, and I think [Elena] really wants to be normal,” said Nina.

“There’s so much chaos in her life. There’s so much death and so much sadness, especially when you become a vampire all your emotions are heightened. So if it’s raining, you all of sudden start bawling because you’re so sad that the clouds are out and the sun’s not out. … So it’s almost like going through puberty again. And I don’t think anyone wants to go through that again. Once was enough,” she explains. 

Only there are definitely less fangs associated with puberty. Let’s hope E keeps her teeth to herself. 

Source: VH1

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