The Mystic Falls ad campaigns have been working, and people are starting to flock to the sleepy Virginia town with a supernatural problem. Between April, Connor, and now Hayley, it seems attractive teens and 20-somethings can’t get enough of this place. So who is this mysterious newcomer, and what’s her connection to Tyler (Michael Trevino)?

Rumors have been swirling about the 19-year-old “wildly sexy” Hayley, whom we'll meet in Season 4, Episode 3, Zap2It reports. There’s certainly something between her and Tyler, but hopefully for Caroline’s (Candice Accola) sake, it’s all in the past. Tyler has had numerous leaves of absences from Mystic Falls, but he met Hayley while he was breaking his sire bond.

The Secret Circle's Phoebe Tonkin will portray the werewof. In an interview with The Insider, Phoebe said of her character, I like that she's a world traveler, a bit of a tomboy, pretty ballsy, and provocative, but not in the way Faye was on Secret Circle." 

Besides visiting her pal, Hayley has other business in Mystic Falls. "She's trying to find out some things about her past, and there are people in Mystic Falls holding onto that information that she wants,” Phoebe explains to TV Guide

Between sniffing out secrets and bonding with Tyler, she's going to be one busy werewolf!

Source: Zap2ItThe InsiderTV Guide

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