As if the Season 4 promo for Vampire Diaries wasn’t enough to keep our minds occupied, TV Line came up with a few spoilers as well. No surprise: They’re all about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) wild ride.

The new vampire is going to have lots of trouble adjusting to the blood diet. Here’s what TV Line has to say:

During November sweeps, Elena is going to get a crash course in Vampirism 101 — specifically, how does one feed on humans without killing them? Two questions you should be asking yourself: Who escorts her to Bloodsucker U? And what’s this guy doing there?”

Lots of school-related hints, no? We know that the gang is visiting the local college in Season 4, Episode 4, so maybe that’s when Elena will get her blood-letting lessons. 

Who do you think ushers Elena into the world of humans as blood donors? 

Source: TV Line

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Credit: The CW Photo: First Look! Vampire Diaries Season 4 Promo Video: Am I Dead?