If you’re still gnashing your teeth and wearing a black armband for Vampire Diaries Alaric (Matt Davis), don’t expect the new hunter, Connor (Todd Williams), to take his old stool next to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the bar. This newcomer is badass to the bone, and he’s not concerned with befriending vampires. In fact, he has one bloodsucker at the top of his list — and that list is not a good thing to be on.

According to E! Online, it’s Elena (Nina Dobrev) whom Connor is after. Geez, talk about starting with an easy target! The girl will be grieving for her lost life, dealing with blood cravings, and trying to keep everyone from blaming each other for her vamp status. Come on, Connor. It’s her first day (as a vampire)!

Poor E. She better add “learn to dodge stakes” to that list of “To Dos.”

Source: E! Online

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