As much as we love the weird and wonderful ways of Mystic Falls (Night of Illumination festivals?), it’s always fun when The Vampire Diaries goes on a road trip. And soon, they’ll be headed to the Great White North. 

Claire Holt (Rebekah) tells TV Guide what brings everyone to Canada: The vampirism cure. "The search is going to take everyone to a little island off of Nova Scotia," says Claire.

Is it Prince Edward Island? If so, tell Anne of Green Gables we say hi!

Anyway, we’re interested to see who’s going on this expedition. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wants the cure; Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic)  wants to destroy it. We’re not sure where Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) head (or heart) is at.

Get ready for a rumble in the tundra!  

Source: TV Guide