Every season, The Vampire Diaries likes to ratchet up the villains. From Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to Katherine (Nina Dobrev) to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), each baddie got successively nastier. Now in Season 4, TV Guide reports that the newest evil even has the Originals shaking in their homespun boots.

In case you missed it, Daniel Gillies is back! Well, just for a flashback. But he told TV Guide that Elijah’s 11th-century return will shed some light on the big bad. "It was an episode that depicted a brand new menace on The Vampire Diaries and not just a menace to the beautiful boys and girls of Mystic Falls, but also to the Originals. A big threat,” he teased. 

Hm. Here we thought new vampire hunter Connor (Todd Williams) is the scariest part of Season 4. If this threat is hundreds of years old, could this new dude possibly be immortal as well? 

Source: TV Guide

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