Credit: Patrick Ecclesine / The CW Photo: The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola

Hell hath no fury like a blond vampire scorned. Right, Caroline (Candice Accola)?

A little birdy over at E! Online spilled some serious Season 4 Klaroline dirt. Turns out that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) may get everything he wants and more, thanks to some bad form on the part of his hybrid sire, Tyler (Michael Trevino).

If we’ve learned anything from Vampire Diaries, it’s that keeping secrets never ends well. Case in point: When Caroline finds out that Tyler has been keeping something from her, the blood hits the fan. Turns out that the were-vamp has been hiding his hot werewolf friend, Hayley, in his house. Near his bed. Maybe in his bed. (At least, that’s what we’d suspect if we were Caroline!)

Because of that little white lie, Caroline turns to the one person who’s a constant source of ego-boosting: Klaus. Does that mean some hot hybrid-on-vamp sex is in the cards for Klaroline? Good Klaus, we hope so!

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