All this time, Caroline (Candice Accola) has only been nice to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to keep the focus off Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) hybrid un-siring, right? 

Well, regardless of whether the blond vamp is being charmed by the OV, she’s still standing by her man. We’re talking about Tyler. “She loves him,” Candice Accola tells TV Guide. Naturally, she’s not in love with his plan to go up against Klaus. Even though she has faith in her hybrid BF, Candice says, “She doesn’t want anything to happen him.”

But Tyler is willing to put it all on the line — and make all kinds of sacrifices — to strip Klaus of his army.

All’s fair in love and war, but how well do those two things usually mix?

Source: TV Guide

Credit: TV Guide Photo: Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Caroline Won't Be Happy With Tyler's Sacrifice in Season 4, Episode 8 (VIDEO)

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