Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW © 2012 The CW Network Photo: Klaus and Jamie in Season 3, Episode 20: “Do Not Go Gentle”

Roaring ‘20s? More like gory ‘20s! Happy semi-annual decade dance, Vampire Diaries fans. This time around, someone’s in mortal peril. Say it with us: What else is new?

But seriously, folks. TV Guide reports that either Bonnie (Kat Graham), Matt (Zach Roerig), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), or Tyler (Michael Trevino) will be in terrible trouble at the end of Season 3, Episode 20, “Do Not Go Gentle.” But which of these usual suspects is top of tonight’s threat?

Credit: Annette Brown/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Damon, Bonnie, and Stefan in Season 3, Episode 21: “Before Sunset”

Our money’s on Bonnie for one simple reason: She’s bleeding from her neck in a promo photo for the next episode. Yikes. Also, in an interview with TVLine, executive producer Julie Plec says, “her date, Jamie, gets to see the other side of her life, which is how she saves the day.” We’re thinking Bonnie plays the hero when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) decides to choke out Jamie.

Considering Bon-Bon is one of the few witches left in Mystic Falls, we’re thinking she’ll get healed up pretty quickly… at least, we hope so! (She just got a little love in her life!)

Source: TV Guide, TVLine

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