The CW keeps gifting us with tantalizing tidbits about Vampire Diaries Season 4. The latest morsel is a clip from Season 4, Episode 1, “Growing Pains.” It looks like the very start of the episode, and it picks up almost right where we left off. Below are seven things we learned from the 1:37 video.

1. That’s a lot of white space!
The clip has a good 12 seconds of bright white, with everyday sounds (birds, traffic) increasing to a crescendo of noise. Elena (Nina Dobrev) is not yet a vampire, but the first part of the clip hints at what it will be like for her when all her senses are heightened, post transition. 

2. Hello, again
For someone who just swallowed a few gallons of water, died, and came back to life, Elena looks pretty good. Is it just us, or is she still wearing eye shadow? 

3. The first face she sees...
You have to hand it to Stefan (Paul Wesley): He has a pretty good bedside manner as he tells Elena she’s been in a horrible accident. 

4. Damon (Ian Somerhalder), we didn’t see you there.
Big bro is also by Elena’s side, but he’s pretty peeved about how the Elena/Stefan/Matt (Zach Roerig) rescue mission went down. 

5. Break it to her gently. Or not. 
Damon really is a “Rip the bandaid right off” kind of guy, isn’t he? “Save you? He didn’t,” the elder Salvatore tells Elena, which starts the wheels turning.

Stefan and Damon deliver a quick recap of the very end of the Season 3 finale. (Dr. Fell’s blood cure, Rebekah’s road rage, etc.) Everyone up to speed? 

7. “Am I dead?”
The pieces fall into place for Elena. Poor girl/future vampire. 

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Credit: You Tube Photo: Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 1, "Growing Pains" Sneak Peek: Who's There When Elena Wakes Up? (VIDEO)