Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Sage and Damon in the Woods in Season 3, Episode 17: “Break On Through”

Though Sage (Cassidy Freeman) won both fans and haters, she served a very important purpose on The Vampire Diaries: Her death proved there are consequences to killing Originals. Still, in the Mystic Falls Universe, dead doesn’t necessarily mean gone forever, and Sage is no exception.

Cassidy Freeman told E!, “they’re not letting me say how long I’m on for,” but she would “love to be around all the time.”  It’s not that we think she can come back from coughing up blood and turning into the vampire version of a prune, but there are always flashbacks (and ghosts).
It’s true Cassidy could be playing coy, but if she is coming back, both options are possibilities.  Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) will be channeling ghosts in Season 3, Episode 19, and a flashback to Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) parents’ death takes place in the Season 3 finale.

There’s no way a cameo like this would be wasted on trivialities. What kind of knowledge would ghost/flashback Sage drop? We’re guessing it’s bloodline related…

Source: E!

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