A few stars of The Vampire Diaries trekked up to New York City yesterday for The CW Network’s Upfront celebration, and they spilled on a few of their hopes for Season 4 to E! Online.

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), who was extremely sleep deprived (poor thing),  said that he hopes Elena (Nina Dobrev) does indeed fully transition into a vampire next season because it’d be “a lot of fun if Elena was a vampire.” Indeed!

Credit: E! Online Photo: Ian Somerhalder Hasn't Seen the Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Yet (VIDEO)

Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) echoed that sentiment, saying that it’d be especially fun for her because Elena’s “transformation and how she deals with it will be so entertaining … especially with all of her friends [like Caroline] that have just gone through their own supernatural transformations to support her. It would just add a whole other curveball to the ball game.” We totally agree with that one!

Credit: E! Online Photo: Candice Accola Chooses Between Klaus and Tyler (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, Nina Dobrev thinks that while her character did choose Stefan (Paul Wesley), the love triangle is far from done. She teased, “It’s interesting because… does she remember the choice? She hit her head pretty hard and she was in a car accident!” Do tell, Nina!

Credit: E! Online Photo: Nina Dobrev Says Elena Might Not Remember Choosing Stefan (VIDEO)

On the same note, Paul Wesley joked that Stefan and Damon might be the ones having a change of heart over their undying love for Elena now that she’s grown a pair of fangs.  “We might break up with her. Maybe there’ll be another innocent, human girl that will replace, since now she’s a vicious [vampire]. “

Paul says he definitely hopes that whatever happens with Stefan and Elena that he doesn’t just resort back to “Goody Two-Shoes” Stefan from Season 1 and that he “maintains a glimmer of Ripper.” Hmm… Newborn Vampire Elena plus Ripper Stefan certainly could change things up a bit, no?

Credit: E! Online Photo: Paul Wesley Says Stefan Got the Girl... For Now (VIDEO)

Finally, Candice had a thing or two to say about what’s to come from her own character’s little love triangle, now that Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body is being inhabited by Klaus (Joseph Morgan). “I really love the dynamic between Caroline and Klaus. It’s very odd. It doesn’t make sense at all and yet it makes perfect sense,” she said. Could this new twist bring Klaroline back into being? Dang it, fall’s so far away!

Source: E! Online

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