Credit: Kurt Iswarienko/TV Guide Photo: Cast of Vampire Diaries in TV Guide Magazine, Fall 2009 Preview

Does the sun seem brighter this morning? The air more crisp? Cloudless climes and the like? Bad weather for vampires, but definitely a sign that the cast of The Vampire Diaries is back to work filming. How do we know? The busy actors have been tweeting their excitement, which rivals ours, we must admit.

@HeyJude012 (CW Publicity Coordinator Judy Yam) All the vamps in the house. Woot woot. And so S3 begins.. This makes us a little giddy.

@iansomerhalder (Ian Somerhalder) Wheels down-LALA.Much to do VD starting tomorrow!Night you awesome people! Hope you had a good night’s sleep, sir. Original Vampire hunting is probably rather taxing.

@ErnestoRiley (Matt Davis) I'm gonna do my best not to view the massive thunderstorm hanging over Atlanta as a metaphor Thanks, Matt. Now we’re concerned for Alaric all over again.

@_josephmorgan (Joseph Morgan) All day photo shoot for #TVD tomorrow, guess I'd better grin and bear it ;) We will never turn down more pictures of Mr. Morgan. Flash those fangs!

@paulwesley (Paul Wesley)  A lovely morning with mr smolderpants, mr morgan and ms Nina. Smolderpants... That’s German, right?

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