Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Taylor Kinney Flashes His Baby Blues at NBC Universal's Press Tour on January 10, 2010

Ever since Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) was robbed of his beating heart last season on The Vampire Diaries, we’ve felt like a piece of our own cardiac system is missing. Er, we did until his ghostliness made a special appearance back in Mystic Falls during TVD’s “Ghost World” Halloween episode.

Anyway, now that Uncle Mason has once again returned to the otherworld, we’re curious as to what the real-life actor who plays him has been up to off-screen. Well, let’s just say this sexy wereman is quite the busy guy!

First of all, he’s reportedly dating the queen of pop, Lady Gaga. Talk about being kept on your toes! The duo met while filming Gaga’s video for “You and I,” where Taylor ironically played her love interest. They were later spotted at a a Braves game together back in September. Since then, several sources have confirmed that the odd (but totally hot) couple are indeed dating — but not “seriously” due to their hectic work schedules. We can imagine.

Speaking of work, besides Taylor’s stint on TVD, he’s also currently starring in Alloy Entertainment’s latest made-for-the-web series, Dating Rules From My Future Self, which will debut on the world wide web in January.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip, The Daily Beast

Credit: You Tube Photo: Taylor Kinney Goes Shirtless in Lady Gaga’s