Credit: The CW

Good gravy, guys. Are you trying to explode our brains? We were asked, “What if Vampire DiariesElena (Nina Dobrev) had a twin?” and have been trying to fathom it ever since. 

So, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) could have one twin and Stefan (Paul Wesley) the other. Is that where you’re going with this? We must admire your attempt to make things fair and even for everyone.

Well, as we learned from Sweet Valley High, just because you have a twin, it doesn’t mean that someone else has your identical personality. Just look at Katherine (Nina Dobrev). She’s Elena’s doppelganger, and they don’t exactly have a lot in common — except for their taste in men.

Besides, we’re still waiting for Tatia, the Original Petrova, to show up. If poor Nina Dobrev had four parts to play, we’d fear for her mental and physical well-being! We have a migraine after just contemplating it for a few hours!

No, no. Let’s just leave all ideas of a “long-lost twin” for the fanfiction, OK?