Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We admit it. We have hair envy. Anytime we see Nina Dobrev’s (Elena Gilbert) lovely locks, we just want to want to don a baseball cap of shame. 

So how does The Vampire Diaries star keep her mane so shiny? Lots of work, and a focus on treating her hair right. She told InStyle, “It’s been a dream of mine to be a L’Oreal or Pantene girl. That’s why I’m keeping it healthy — and long — until they ask me.” We can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet. Nina could probably roll out of bed and be shampoo-commercial ready.

One of her tricks is only washing her hair every three days. Every third wash, she uses a mask treatment; she likes to switch it up between a Keratin treatment, Softa Treatment by Unite, or a hair mask by MoroccanOil.

In fact, Nina is a big fan of swapping out haircare products in general. “Your hair gets used to products all the time,” she said in an MTV interview. At the time, she was using a strengthening conditioner by L’Oreal.

As for conditioner, Nina told The Examiner that she loves Unite’s entire line. “They have this amazing conditioner called 7 second conditioner that I use on my hair every single day when I get out of the shower,” she said.

It looks like we’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to keep up with Nina’s hair regimen.

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