Stelena fans, we’re sorry for your loss. Delena fans, Vampire Diaries has broken your heart before, too, so you know how they’re feeling. Season 4, Episode 6, “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” had many anguishing moments — Elena (Nina Dobrev) hallucinating her own mother urging the new vampire to kill herself, for one. 

But the ending scene was especially tough. Stefan (Paul Wesley) listened as Elena talked about her feelings for his brother. Then he said, “I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore.”

"I know," she replied. And it was done.

Scoring their painful talk was "Walking Blind" by Aidan Hawken and Carina Round. The song doesn’t seem to be available anywhere yet, though we’re hoping it will have a spot on his upcoming album.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Stefan and Elena Break Up in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 6, "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes" (VIDEO)

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