The extended promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 16, “Bring It On” shows a much lighter (and less clothed) side of Elena (Nina Dobrev). The new vamp is unemotional and about to head back to high school. We’ll take you through the video second by second so you can see just exactly why that’s a terrible idea. 

0:01 March 14
Ladies and gentleman, we have a hiatus.

0:02 In profile
Kinda reminds us of when Elena woke up as a vampire.

0:03 Reposing in the street
Taking a cue from Damon (Ian Somerhalder), are we?

0:04 – 0:07 For a good time call...
The brothers Salvatore, of course.

0:08 Is Elena going in for the kill?
Or at least, a little blood spill?

0:09 Cheerleaders
Now we know what it’s called “Bring It On.”

0:10 Elena takes out the competition.
With her fangs.

0:11 – 0:12 Caroline (Candice Accola) is displeased.
Elena doesn’t give a...

0:13 – 0:14 Damon schools Elena.
It’s Vampire 101 all over again.

0:18 – 0:19 Elena puts on a (naked show).
With Stefan (Paul Wesley), Damon, and Caroline in the audience.

0:20 – 0:21 “It’s nothing you guys haven’t seen before.”
Well, yeah, but never at the same time...

0:22 – 0:23 The brothers exchange glances.
Damon makes his “You can’t argue with that logic” face.

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Vampire Diaries Extended Promo Video For Season 4, Episode 16