The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 18 extended promo for “American Gothic” is a continuation of the road trip from the previous episode. In fact, we finally catch up with a certain cure thief. We’ll take you through the promo second by second so you can tell which doppelganger is which.


0:01 — Smalltown, USA

Wait, this isn’t Mystic Falls!


0:02 — Defan

Kind of love it when the brothers Salvatore are on the same side.


0:03 – 0:04 — Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) sore.

Someone’s still a bit bitter over the whole neck-snapping thing.


0:05 – 0:06 — OK, more than a bit.

Karma for all the necks he’s snapped? Just sayin’. Now he knows how Alaric (Matt Davis) felt.


0:07 — “The game is on.”

As long as it’s not Monopoly. We don’t have 14 hours, here.


0:09 – 0:10 — “You have no chance of finding the cure.”

Stefan (Paul Wesley) breaks it down for Rebekah (Claire Holt).


0:11 – Shirtless Klaus (Joseph Morgan)

There are no words.


0:12 — Caroline (Candice Accola) promises him misery.

But, Caroline. Shirtless.


0:11 – Shirtless Klaus (Joseph Morgan)

Sorry. Had to rewind.


0:13 — Elena (Nina Dobrev) appears.

Is she talking to herself?


0:14 — Sort of.

She’s actually talking to her doppelganger, Katherine (Nina Dobrev).


0:16 — Elena demands the cure.

This probably won’t go well.


0:17 — Katherine scoffs.

Do you know how much effort she went through to get that thing?


0:18 — Doppelganger y doppelganger

Place your bets! Who do you think will win this fight?


0:20 — Katherine’s KO’d.

Bam! Bitch went down.


0:21 — At least for a second.

You can’t keep Kat down for that long.


0:22 — Elena had some help.

You’d think Rebekah and Katherine would’ve run into each other before now, right?


0:23 — Damon declares a winner.

A Katherine/Elena showdown? We’re the winners.


Credit: YouTube Photo: The Vampire Diaries Extended Promo Video For Season 4, Episode 18