Credit: The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Episode 2.2, "Brave New World"
We’re always talking about dark fashion on Vampire Diaries, so it was refreshing to see Caroline don a light beige leather jacket in last week’s episode... even if she did manage to get blood all over it. This style shift got us thinking: Why not try something different ourselves? We know you’re all about leather jackets this fall, but what about leather accessories? And why must black be the go-to color? A neutral shade of leather adds a touch of class to any outfit, and perfectly complements your fall wardrobe. It’ll blend beautifully with those greens, blues, and khakis you’re probably wearing this second. And you don’t have to spend tons of money to get this look, but your friends will think you did.

Behold! Loads of light leather accessories, a la Caroline: