Ahoy, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) shippers! Time to board the SS Klaroline and answer our burning Vampire Diaries fan question of the day: When did Klaus and Caroline meet?

In our fantasies, they meet for the first time every night in our dreams. The wind howls at their backs, but there’s a burning fireplace and, for whatever reason, they feel drawn to the heat and compelled to take their clothes off. Then we step in and...

OK, we’ll stop with the Klaroline fan fic and move on to the real answer, which is a two-parter. Because while the pair first physically meet in “The Reckoning,” which was Episode 5 of Season 3, they don’t actually interact until Episode 11 of Season 3 in “Our Town.” It’s during that episode that Caroline receives a hybrid bite from Tyler (Michael Trevino) and — as all good Vampire Diaries fans know — the only cure for that is a little of Klaus’s blood.

The Original heals her after explaining that she was merely collateral damage (he told Tyler to bite Caroline, and the good, little sired minion did so), and when she wakes up in the morning she discovers a birthday present waiting for her on the table. It’s a pretty bracelet that Klaus left as an apology. (And also because he lurves her, probably.)

Thus began the wild thumping of the seas under SS Klaroline! If you need us, we’ll be steering the ship toward Original-Vampire sex shores.

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