Nina Dobrev, the intriguing Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries, started acting as a teenager. Born on January 9, 1989, she grew up in Toronto, having moved to Canada from her native Bulgaria when she was 2. Her most important early role was in 2006's Away From Her, directed by Canadian actress Sarah Polley. The film earned star Julie Christie an Oscar nomination as a woman suffering from Alzheimer's. Nina, then 15, stood out in a small role as a punkster, complete with ripped tights and facial piercings. She became even better known as Mia Jones in Degrassi: The Next Generation, the fourth installment of the beloved Canadian TV series. She was on Degrassi from 2006-2009, and then, boom, Vampire Diaries happened in 2009. Talk about fast rising stars! That's our Nina!