Credit: Getty Images

We’re sure Paul Wesley’s Vampire Diaries character, Stefan Salvatore, has seen his fair share of university campuses, being an undead teenager and all. But where did Paul go to college before starring on the hit show?

The handsome actor attended Rutgers University in New Jersey starting in 2000, but dropped out after one semester to pursue acting.

But if he’d kept at it, we could’ve had the next Bob Woodward on our hands. Paul told Teen Magazine that his dream job is to be an investigative journalist.

“There’s something about being an undercover journalist,” he said. “I mean that’s freakin’ cool! There’s this image I have of it being so magnificent, but it’s probably a lot harder and grueling than my imagination.”

We’re sure Paul would have worked his butt off as a writer, but we’re glad he chose a career path in front of the cameras instead!

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