Credit: Ljupco/iStockphoto Photo: Klaus and Stefan (s)Take Barcelona

Introducing a new weekly Wetpaint feature to help you while away the long Vampire Diaries hiatus: Where in the World Are Stefan and Klaus? Each week, we’ll pick a locale we think the O.V. is dying to drag Stefan to, and imagine what those two crazy vampires are getting up to. Enjoy!

What with an entire convention devoted to vampires taking place in Barcelona last weekend, Klaus couldn’t help himself. He just had to descend upon Bloody Night Con with The Ripper in tow. Everyone was very impressed with their authentic-looking fangs.

After a quick bite at the convention, Stefan and Klaus saw some sights around the city. Here’s a pic of them at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. We hope whoever snapped the photo is still okay.