The CW’s new pilot Cult is poaching one of The Vampire Diaries’ current cast members, and now we fear for the character’s safety. Deadline reports that Matt Davis has scored the lead in the new show — so what does that mean for the vamp slayer Alaric Saltzman?

Davis will play Jeff, a blogger whose brother disappears from the set of a TV show called Cult. (A show within a show with the same name. This won’t get confusing.) Jeff and production assistant Skye (Jessica Lucas) investigate a murder and try to find the missing participants to determine if fans of the show are recreating its crimes.  

Luckily, Deadline also reports that Matt will be available to guest on TVD, so don’t get out your funeral garb just yet!

Source: Deadline



Credit: TV Guide Photo: Matt Davis Is Surprised Alaric Hasn't Snuck Into Elena's Bed Yet on The Vampire Diaries (Video)