Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Ladies in Red: Nina Dobrev and Kristen Stewart Wear Similar Dresses at the MTV Movie Awards

The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight’s Bella) have more in common than vampy roles and their off-screen relationships (both are dating their sexy co-stars — or so we think!)

Apparently the girls share the same style, too! Last night, both vampire vixens showed up to the MTV Movie Awards in strikingly similar tight red dresses, making for a fun fashion face-off of the occult kind.

The ladies’ sparkly red and gold dresses weren’t an exact match — Kristen’s was shorter, and both had different patterns — but they were pretty darn close. There were a few other subtle differences, too. Nina opted for peep-toed pumps over Kristen’s pointy-toed heels, and Nina’s hair was styled in long, luscious waves, while Kristen’s kind of looked like she just rolled out of bed. (But, hey, rolling out of a bed with Robert Pattinson in it is so worth the bad bed hair, don’t you think?)

So, we wanna know: Which supernatural starlet stunned more in her sequined ensemble?